Kristina Jensen

Dr. Jensen's mission as your chiropractor is to help you achieve optimum health and to live your life at your highest potential. She helps you achieve that by educating you on living a healthy lifestyle, eating properly, exercising to get the most benefit, keeping your musculoskeletal system aligned and learning how to reduce your stress levels to find peace within. There are many aspects to health and taking responsibility for your health is the first step to living the life you want and being able to enjoy it without the fear of dis-ease or dysfunction.

Serving You

Since 1996, Dr. Jensen has been serving the southern Palm Beach county area. She graduated from the University of Florida in 1987 and completed her chiropractic education at Life University in 1994. She is not only passionate about chiropractic, but she also has a very keen interest in energy healing work. As a chiropractor, Dr. Jensen is fastidious about looking at the body as a whole and determining what is the source of the pain and/or dysfunction as it relates to the spine and adjacent joints and musculature. Taking into consideration the patient's lifestyle, Dr. Jensen will make an assessment to help generate positive changes to achieve overall health and well-being.

Healing Holistically

As a Reiki and Theta Healing practitioner, Dr. Jensen looks at the body and soul from an energetic point
of view and works to release those stressors which no longer serve the individual. She has witnessed
results in clients that have been forever life changing. Dr. Jensen uses techniques to get to the core
of issues which may be causing not only emotional and mental stress to a patient but physical stress
as well. Once the cause of the stress(ors) is determined, it is cleared out with the end result usually
bringing peace and tranquility within. This process may take one session or may take several depending
upon the depth of issues which need to be addressed.

Dr. Jensen is very enthusiastic about her mission in life and as your chiropractor. She is compassionate
about her patient's needs and works tirelessly to help you become your best by integrating your body,
mind and spirit. Please feel free to call or make an appointment for a consultation to see if she can help
you achieve your health related goals.